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casa verde Active real estate environmental management for ambitious climate and energy targets

Swiss Post has set itself an ambitious climate and energy target: from 2030, it intends to be completely climate-neutral in its own operations. To achieve this, Post Real Estate is making a significant contribution with the “casa verde” initiative.

The “casa verde” initiative

To ensure that Swiss Post’s real estate portfolio is fully sustainable in the future, Post Real Estate is implementing the “casa verde” initiative. This means that we are assessing several hundred buildings in stages to determine their sustainable renovation potential. Based on these assessments, Post Real Estate implements appropriate measures in a structured, cost-effective and holistic manner. 


“The initiative will ensure that the planned measures are implemented in an integral, structured and economically sensible manner. This entails a comprehensive energy renovation concept for every building”.
Nadia von Veltheim, CEO of Post Real Estate
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The initiative’s measures

In addition to supporting other areas of Swiss Post (e.g. by installing around 6,000 charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Switzerland or using LED lighting), Swiss Post Real Estate is focusing on effective measures in the “Energy and Buildings” and “Management and Operations” units.

Energy and Buildings

Expanding photovoltaics
Sustainable building standards in construction
Renovating building envelopes
Using fossil-free heating
Building technology with the best efficiency class
Circular economy


Management and Operations

Comprehensive energy management system
Recording energy data
Optimizing building technology
ISO certification

Swiss Post climate and energy targets

Swiss Post has set itself best-practice climate and energy targets for 2030, which have been integrated into the corporate strategy. In this way, Swiss Post is meeting its overall responsibility for sustainability while also meeting the current requirements of the “Exemplary Energy and Climate” initiative launched by the federal government.

The Group aims to be completely climate-neutral in its own operations from 2030. The goal for 2040 is for the entire value chain to become climate neutral and to meet the net zero target. 

Post Real Estate’s contribution

The “casa verde” initiative is the means by which Post Real Estate intends to meet its climate and energy targets: IMS aims to make heat generation completely carbon free in three stages. The goal is to achieve 60 percent by 2024, 80 percent by 2030, and 100 percent by 2040.

There are also plans to reduce the energy requirements for heat generation. The targets are one percent less by 2024 and ten percent less by 2030.

  • The “casa verde” label

    Existing buildings in which one or more measures of the casa verde initiatives have been implemented receive the label and are indicated with the wooden sign.