Delémont, Place de la Poste

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Delémont, Place de la Poste Ideal location in the center of Delémont

Delémont is seeing the emergence of a modern and lively city center. The new construction and reconstruction of the former main post office is at the a heart of this urban development project.

Two new signature buildings replace the former post office building in Delémont. They are located in the heart of Delémont and, thanks to their successful design, connect various living and working spaces. Around the strategically important Bahnhofsplatz, there is living space for young and old, as well as premises for companies, start-ups, hotels, restaurants, offices and retail. The two buildings fit harmoniously into the redesign of the station area and the newly emerging pedestrian zone.

Swiss Post branch, residential, hotels, restaurants, retail, offices, parking
Kaiser Wittwer / Comamala
Ismail / Voisard
Post Real Estate Ltd
Losinger Marazzi Ltd
2018 Preliminary project
2018 Planning application
2019−20 Project planning
2019−22 Implementation
2021−22 Commissioning
Total investment
CHF 77 million
All you need to know

Inauguration, 15 June 2022

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