Art in architecture

Art in architecture A rich tradition of commitment to Swiss artists

Around 180 art projects have already been created in and on Swiss Post buildings throughout Switzerland.

After the Second World War, the Swiss Confederation decreed that one percent of public building construction costs should be invested in “architectural art” projects. This gave rise to artworks in and on Swiss Post buildings throughout Switzerland. By 2019, around 180 projects had come into being, some 75 of which are still in Swiss Post’s possession and continue to enhance public areas in the most stunning of ways.

Post Real Estate continues to commission art in architecture projects in appropriate construction projects. As such, together with the Art Department, it is supporting Swiss artists. The traditional commitment is also about creating space for unique uses and making a considerable contribution to the living environment of our population.

Listed properties

In construction projects, Post Real Estate also takes into consideration a building’s protected landmark status. Architecturally significant properties that are unique and reminiscent of past times should be preserved as far as possible. In direct exchange with the Cantonal Office for the Preservation of Monuments, the legally binding measures are implemented consistently and as a matter of course.

An example is the main post office building at Bahnhofplatz 8 in Winterthur, which was built between 1896 and 1899. Despite several reconstructions, the original character of the building has been preserved.

The Swiss Post building in Geneva is also a listed building:

Listed Swiss Post building in Geneva