Certifications Post Real Estate certifications

Post Real Estate is certified in accordance with the established standards for quality management, environmental management and occupational health and safety management.



  • Quality management (ISO 9001)

    Quality policy

    We view quality as compliance with prescribed and defined internal and external requirements for our services, with due regard to industry and customer-specific standards, state-of-the-art technology and statutory and internal Group regulations. We guarantee that we will continuously maintain and improve the quality in all phases of our services and across all levels of our company.

    We are a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers. We involve them fully in the provision of services and communicate in a transparent manner.

    We develop our skills and those of our employees through continuous professional training and active support. We expect entrepreneurial thinking and a high degree of personal responsibility.

  • Environmental management (ISO 14001)

    Environmental policy

    Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd continually optimizes the energy and resource efficiency of Swiss Post’s premises and the properties entrusted to it.

    In doing so, we reduce energy costs (heating, cooling, electricity and water) and increase CO2 efficiency, expand the use of renewable energy and promote the phasing out of the use of fossil fuels for heat generation.

    In general, we aspire to have efficient, sustainable and pollution-free buildings while respecting economic criteria.

    We invest in plant and equipment which uses the best available technology. We fulfil our mandate with sustainable products which are as environmentally friendly as possible and, of course, adhere to or even exceed statutory requirements.

  • Occupational health and safety policy (in accordance with ISO 45001)

    Occupational health and safety (OH&S) - management system

    We have drawn up an OH&S policy, which is implemented and upheld, in accordance with the ISO 45001 standard. The OH&S policy is agreed with the security organization and staff. The OH&S policy applies to everyone and can be downloaded in QMS IMS. It is reviewed on an annual basis in order to keep it up to date, fit for purpose and relevant.

    Health and safety in the workplace takes priority at IMS ahead of other corporate objectives. It is an integral part of all operating procedures and is incorporated into technical, business and social considerations right from the start, i.e. from the planning phase. Our aim is to “minimize risk” in order to strengthen the culture of health and safety in the workplace.

    We have implemented an OH&S management system, which we are constantly improving. Together with the safety experts, management and our employees, we develop innovative concepts and roll them out within the company. We regularly check that the directives are being implemented across all units and monitor the success of our OH&S management system.

    Safe and employee-friendly work environments

    Occupational health and safety forms part of our leadership principles. Through the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment that promotes employment and good health, we are contributing to the continued existence and success of our company. We are aware of our responsibility towards employees, customers, contractors and visitors.

    We are convinced that all occupational accidents and diseases are essentially avoidable. Motivated employees and line managers support us in our efforts to reduce accidents at work. At the same time, we are focused on protecting our employees, customers, contractors and visitors. When designing workstations and work processes, we take into consideration the involvement of interested internal parties. The ergonomic design of workplaces is very important to us.

    Responsible action

    We are committed to complying with all laws and directives pertaining to occupational health and safety. Our actions reflect our responsibility to protect our employees. We have the organizational structure and the necessary means to prevent accidents, occupational diseases, work-related health risks, to avoid and minimize OH&S risks and hazards, as well as to ensure safe working conditions that meet health requirements and to increase health resources.

  • UND label

    Balance and equality
    The “UND label” from the agency of the same name honours organizations that strive for equality and work-life balance. In 2017, Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd (IMS) received this distinction for the first time. The subsequent recertification in the summer of 2021 shows that IMS is actively creating structures and framework conditions that promote equality and work-life balance.

    Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd continues to actively work towards creating framework conditions that enable staff to harmonize their professional and private lives.

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