Basel, Nauentor

Construction project Nauentor Basel

Construction project Nauentor Basel

Basel, Nauentor The Nauentor building complex creates new residential accommodation

Apartments and space for offices and the service sector are being built in a central location at the Basel SBB railway station.

A new project known as the Nauentor is replacing what is currently the postal building at Basel SBB railway station. This urban development with a five-storey main structure across the tracks and three high-rise buildings will produce a hub of links – the Nauentor connects the Gundeli and St. Alban districts with the main thoroughfare and provides access to the tracks. The high-rise buildings will be used for apartments. Space for the service sector, offices, retail and restaurants will be provided on the floors of the base structure. The combination of living, working and public space is unique, provides new residential accommodation and will make Nauentor an attractive and vibrant urban location. This project is being developed in cooperation with the SBB.

Residential accommodation, services, office space, retail, restaurants
BRUTHER / Jan Kinsbergen / Truwant + Rode +
PostFinance Ltd.
2014−17 Preliminary study
2018−21 Development plan
2022–23 Dialogue procedure (competition)
2024−25 General contractor fee submission
2025−28 Project planning
2027−32 Implementation
2032 Earliest commissioning
Total investment
CHF 420 million