Sustainability at Post Real Estate Handling our environment with care

What do fossil-free heating systems, artworks and work-life balance have in common? They are all part of Post Real Estate’s holistic commitment to sustainability. After all, sustainability is about more than simply having a photovoltaic system.

Post Real Estate gives equal consideration to all three dimensions of sustainability:

In the economic sphere, we consider the overall life cycle of a property. We are aware that higher initial costs sometimes ensure that a property results in lower operating costs in the long term, making it economically more sustainable. 

Our commitment to the ecological dimension is particularly reflected in the “casa verde” initiative and its 13 concrete measures. This includes assessing several hundred buildings for their sustainable renovation potential, for example. 

When it comes to the social dimension, on the one hand we focus on our employees and topics such as balance and equality, occupational safety, and progressive and fair working conditions. On the other hand, Post Real Estate also takes society as a whole into account. With art in architecture, for example, we are promoting cultural diversity and preserving traditional buildings in Switzerland for future generations.

With the environmental management system in compliance with ISO 14001, Post Real Estate ensures that the three areas are addressed in the company and that processes are standardized.

We create sustainable living space

All three dimensions of sustainability play an important role in all our project developments: we create needs-based living space with sustainable economic potential and we do this in a consistently sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner.

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