Technical implementation

Service on demand It’s simple and smart. The technical details

The Service on demand buttons can be installed in as many places and on as many devices as needed so that problems or incidents can be reported and services requested quickly and easily.

And this is how simple it is

Install the Service on demand buttons wherever they are needed most with ease and no need for additional installations – e.g. in break areas, staff rooms or disposal points. Instead of these contact points being constantly checked, users request a service at the push of a button. Alternatively, sensors can also be used that can, for instance, measure the number of visits and send a report once a threshold has been reached. The service provider or FM employees can then service that area only when they really need to.

A smart service in five steps

A smart service in five steps

Service on demand order management platform

The Service on demand platform is the core component of the solution, and is used to log and analyse all orders. This means you can track these orders throughout the process. Every defined action point – whether button board, sensor or QR code – can be tracked on the Service on demand platform, enabling seamless logging, analysis and sorting of all orders.

Simple evaluations


The orders can be called up in the platform while notifications can be triggered by e-mail. You also have the option of selecting an additional option for an SMS service.

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