Technical implementation

Technical implementation What technical magic is behind the service?

The Service on demand buttons can be installed in as many places and on as many devices as needed so that problems or incidents can be reported and services requested quickly and easily.

Here’s how easy it is:

you install our “Service on demand” buttons at service-intensive points such as document destruction containers, water-dispensers, coffee machines and snack machines. Instead of having to constantly check these points yourself, the building users notify you when a service is required simply by pressing a button. Alternatively, sensors can also be used, for example to measure frequencies and notify you of a need for cleaning once a threshold has been reached. The service provider or FM employees can then service that area only when they really need to.

Service on demand order management platform

The very core of the solution is the Service on demand platform via which all orders can be documented and analysed so that they can be monitored throughout the entire process. The platform ensures maximum transparency and end-to-end control. For example, you can see at a glance which locations and machines are affected by frequent malfunctions. The platform offers you complete transparency with regard to all services provided and types of malfunction. Exactly what you want.

Facility management notifications

The orders can be called up in the platform while notifications can be triggered by e-mail.

An additional option can also be triggered for an SMS service.


The battery-operated smart buttons, button boards and sensors are connected to the so-called LoRaWAN (long range wide area network), facilitating the simple and independent integration of the existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to this connection, there is no need for any intervention in the IT network (WLAN), which pleases any security department and facilitates quick implementation.

The LoRaWAN connectivity between the devices and the Service on demand platform is provided by Swisscom Ltd. The Swisscom LPN (low power network) provides a very high level of coverage throughout Switzerland.

API interface

Thanks to the possibility of connecting to the in-house systems, the digital solution offers a range of applications.