Service on Demand in Frauenfeld cantonal hospital

Service on Demand in Frauenfeld cantonal hospital Interview with Nathalie Mayer, Head of Housekeeping

Service on Demand is also sought after and helpful in hospitals. The Frauenfeld cantonal hospital introduced the service in spring 2021 and is extremely satisfied with the outcome. One application is that some of pull-down beds in the staff rooms are equipped with a button board, while the other is that simple ordering processes are carried out via QR codes.


First button boards in March 2021 and introduction of additional button boards and QR codes in June 2021.

Use case:

Button board 2.0 for changing bed linen and QR code for ordering missing work clothing.

Photo of Nathalie Mayer

Ms Mayer, how has Service on Demand changed everyday life for those involved?

Physicians can order new bed linen for their pull-down beds at the touch of a button when needed,and the relevant members of the housekeeping team are informed immediately by an e-mail to their tablet. Thanks to the introduction of Service on Demand, the housekeeping team can clearly see where bed linen needs to be changed. Daily inspection rounds are no longer necessary. This is a huge advantage, especially in hospital operations,where staff work in different shifts.

Staff will soon be able to use the QR code to report any work clothing they are missing. This is also made possible by Service on Demand. What advantages do you expect from this service?

Staff can send us paperless notifications, meaning we have the opportunity to take immediate action. We no longer need to collect lists, which were filled out by hand and therefore often difficult to read.

What do you personally consider to be the greatest advantage of Service on Demand in hospitals?

Hospitals are generally spread out over a large area,and the service points of the hotel and housekeeping departments are usually distributed over the entire site. Service on Demand reduces the amount of time and distance required, not just for users but also for us as service providers. By the same token, Service on Demand can be used to create evaluations simply and quickly.

You have already expanded some of the Service on Demand features. Where do you see further potential in the hospital?

In meeting rooms, in the logistics of reporting empties, reporting technical problems in a simple manner or, more generally, reporting irregular services.