Service on demand Welcome assistance in hospitals and healthcare institutions

Quick, straightforward order notifications for staff and fewer inspection rounds save healthcare institutions a lot of time and effort. Thanks to Service on demand, they can find out quickly where their services are required.

And this is how straightforward Service on demand is.

The Service on demand buttons can be installed in as many places and on as many devices as needed (no hassle or any additional installations) so that problems or incidents can be reported and services requested quickly and easily.

Alternatively, sensors can also be used that can, for instance, measure the number of visits and send a report once a threshold has been reached.

Here’s how it works

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Easy to send order/service messages
  • Time saved = costs saved
  • Higher levels of (customer/employee) satisfaction
  • Avoid unnecessary inspection rounds
  • Targeted evaluations possible

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Applications in healthcare / hospitals


  • Transporting beds
  • Delivery and collection of work clothing
  • Delivery and collection of consumables and cleaning products
  • Ordering/collecting laundry
  • Disposing of medical waste
  • Cleaning patient rooms
  • Patient service


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Swiss Post health logistics

With service on demand, Swiss Post doesn’t just offer digital services for the healthcare sector. It is also active in healthcare logistics and does what it does best: designs and implements goods and logistics flows safely, efficiently and reliably. From the handling of individual tasks such as operational procurement, certified storage of medical consumables and legally compliant transport to the sterile preparation of medical reusable instruments: Swiss Post is your reliable partner in the healthcare sector.

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