For you as a provider

Service on demand for you as a provider Satisfied customers, transparency with regard to the service provided and needs-oriented services thanks to the innovative Service on demand solution.

With Service on demand, you win on several fronts: your customers are demonstrably more satisfied because your employees always come “right on cue” while the service can be requested quickly and simply at the touch of a button. At the same time, the platform offers you complete transparency with regard to all services provided and types of malfunction. This enables you to ensure optimum planning and use of resources.

Service on demand guarantees satisfied customers and cost-effective facility management.

The benefits for you at a glance

  • An innovative solution to rising cost pressure
  • Time-saving through needs-oriented facility management while maintaining quality levels
  • Increased customer satisfaction thanks to the wow factor (customer retention)
  • Transparency with regard to the service provided and end-to-end control
  • Versatile (find inspiration here)
  • Quick and easy to implement

While on-site physical control was for a long time indispensable, the tables have been turned so that facility managers receive notifications when facility services are needed.

What we offer

As one of the largest real estate operators and owners in Switzerland, we understand the needs of building users and the challenges of facility management.

Comprehensive carefree package

We offer everything from a single source:

  • Service on demand platform (order documentation, configuration and analysis)
  • Necessary devices such as smart buttons, button boards and sensors
  • Connectivity (Swisscom LoRaWAN low power network (LPN))
  • Project support, on-site implementation and initial configuration of devices and training
  • Use case advice

We provide you with a digital tool while you provide the service.

You can find details of the offer in the presentation (PDF, 4.2 MB) and the factsheet. (PDF, 664.2 KB).

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