Service on demand at Swiss Post headquarters

Service on demand in use in Restaurant Espace Karin Beck, Head of Banquets & Catering, Restaurant Espace

At Swiss Post headquarters, all coffee machines and water dispensers have been equipped with a smart button. Dirty storage spaces in break areas and microwave oven problems can also be reported at the touch of a button.

In April 2017, you introduced Service on demand. What do you think was the highlight?

We are very satisfied with the introduction of Service on demand. We started with 70 smart buttons, and we now already have 80 in use. As we only visit facilities when needed, we managed to make time savings of 20 percent within the first six months. Consequently, we have more time for other tasks.

The Service on demand platform provides transparent data evaluation. How do you use this?

We now know exactly how often and how many faults are reported. The platform documents information such as when an external service provider is called and how long it takes for the fault to be rectified. This ensures good transparency and enables an ongoing review of the service level.

With the coffee machines, we were able to determine the likelihood that individual machines would fail by comparing the device’s usage with the number of disruptions. Based on this transparent evaluation, it became clear relatively quickly which devices had to be taken out of service and which ones we still wanted to keep in our inventory.

How did you find the launch of the product?

We were able to complete implementation quickly and easily within four weeks. The Service on demand support team assisted us very well with the configuration of the buttons and also with the design and layout of the information signs. Then we just had to position the smart buttons and we were ready for the launch of the new service.

What advice would you like to give to potential customers?

The solution is promising and customer feedback is also very positive. It is important that the buttons are labelled clearly and simply. Users must know what order they are triggering when they press the button. If this is guaranteed, the product is very easy to use.


  • Smart buttons for reporting faults with coffee machines, microwaves and water dispensers, and for dirty and/or overloaded storage spaces in break areas
  • Urs Salzmann, Head of Central 2, Post Real Estate

    “The Service on demand platform provides transparency and enables an ongoing review of the service level. At the same time, the user feedback is extremely positive.”


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