Service on demand at Apleona Schweiz AG / EY

Service on demand at Apleona Schweiz AG / EY

Apleona Schweiz AG has been running EY’s facility management throughout Switzerland, including at its Zurich Hardbrücke location, since 2019. For a year now, they have been using Service on demand, an IoT solution from Post Real Estate Management and Services Ltd. In October 2021, we installed 38 button boards in meeting rooms, think tanks and customer areas. This allows technical problems to be reported or catering orders to be placed at the touch of a button, for example.

How have users of the new service reacted so far?

The feedback so far has been very positive. The ease of use is appreciated and very popular. The staff are enthusiastic about the tool and appreciate its ease of use as well as the advantages that Service on demand offers. Many are also positively surprised that such high-tech solutions are already available in meeting rooms.

What impact does Service on demand have on the everyday work of your staff?

It allows staff to order different services at any time at the touch of a button. The person in charge automatically receives a notification with information indicating where the service is needed. This offers many advantages: in the catering area, for example, the meeting does not have to be interrupted and the person in charge can provide the desired service within a short time. This means that service providers do not need to be close to the room but can perform other tasks and still offer an excellent service to customers.

Thanks to the Service on demand platform, the data can be evaluated accurately. How do you use these evaluations?

The data is not yet being analysed. In the future, this option will certainly be handy, as it will allow us to optimally plan and deploy human resources. This also ensures that idle time, unnecessary work steps and inspections can be avoided. In addition, it helps us recognize at an early stage in which rooms technical problems occur the most and take appropriate measures immediately. In this way, we increase efficiency and satisfaction.

Where do you see further potential for the use of Service on demand for you as a real estate service provider?

We see various possible uses and application areas for Service on demand in different sectors, for example cleaning, when technical problems arise, in service-intensive locations, in break areas or when there is a lack of material. It has great potential as it can be used in both large and small buildings. The use of human resources becomes more efficient as unnecessary inspection rounds can be avoided. In addition, the processes are shortened overall, as the messages reach the responsible person directly without any intermediaries.


38 button boards in October 2021


  • Button boards in meeting rooms, think tanks and customer areas.
  • Requests for cleaning, technical problems and catering orders.
  • Katrina Kauf, Building Manager

    “The easy-to-use solution is appreciated and very well received”

    Portrait Katrina Kauf

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