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Service on demand Using a smart service in the hotel and catering sector ensures happy customers.

A fast order process, a fast delivery process. And the best thing: the guests decide the time themselves. This scores the smart service points in the hotel and catering industry, and generates a positive customer response. Quick response times, targeted evaluations, easy to install. How you get a good service on demand.

And this is how straightforward Service on demand is.

The Service on demand buttons can be installed in as many places and on as many devices as needed (no hassle or any additional installations) so that problems or incidents can be reported and services requested quickly and easily.

Alternatively, sensors can also be used that can, for instance, measure the number of visits and send a report once a threshold has been reached.

Here’s how it works

The advantages for you at a glance

  • Create a positive customer experience with fast response times
  • Avoid unnecessary inspection rounds
  • Save time thanks to a digitized process
  • The customers decide themselves when the service is carried out
  • Targeted evaluations possible

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Applications in the hotel sector

  • Feedback boards for workshops
  • Order catering services
  • Room service
  • Request concierge service
  • Order materials
  • Disposal
  • Request cleaning
  • Fill minibar
  • Change towels
  • Change bedsheets


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We would be happy to help.

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