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Service on Demand at INNOArchitects Interview with Milena Schober, Space Host INNOArchitects

INNOArchitects are specialists in innovation management and support companies in implementing innovative projects and sustainably anchoring innovations. They strive for high standards of quality, and taking good care of their guests is very important to them. To this end, 12 smart buttons have been in use for various purposes in the workshop spaces at INNOSpace since June 2017. At the push of a button, guests can call the service staff, report issues such as technical disruptions or dirty toilets, and order more coffee.


June 2017

Use of 12 smart buttons

  • General requests
  • Coffee machines
  • Toilets
  • Technical disruptions

You are responsible for “hosting” guests in INNOSpace. How have users reacted to the new service?

Our guests are often very pleasantly surprised when we appear so quickly after they have pressed one of the buttons. They are very appreciative of this service and are also curious about the innovative solution. After all, they visit us because they want to develop their own new services and products.

What organizational changes did the launch of Service on demand entail for you?

Previously, we did regular rounds of the workshop spaces to check that everything was OK with the guests. Service on demand hasn’t completely removed the need for this, but we have been able to reduce our rounds considerably. This means that we can arrive quickly when needed, and our guests are satisfied with our service and response time.

As our rooms are not all on the same floor, we sometimes used to communicate with our guests by e-mail. We often didn’t notice these requests until quite some time had passed. Now, we receive orders directly via smartphone as push notifications. We use the Slack app [*] for this. The advantage is that we see the message much faster than an e-mail and can handle the order quickly. The message is also sent to the whole team, which enables us to assist each other in completing the order.

Our guests are curious about the innovative ‘Service on demand’ product and appreciate the fact that they can place orders at the press of a button and that their requests are handled quickly. Service on demand also enables us to ensure that our everyday work is both efficient and customer friendly.

Milena Schober, Space Host, INNOArchitects

* Slack app

Slack is a web-based instant messaging service that offers a complete hub for communication and collaboration within teams. This allows work to be organized even more efficiently.