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Service on demand Facility Management’s digital revolution.

Service on demand is a product which is geared towards users’ behaviour and their actual needs. It allows users to keep problem areas under control and to keep an eye on workflow, while simultaneously benefiting from time savings and the same or increased customer satisfaction.

Service on demand calls Facility Management only when its services are required. Scheduled rounds that meet with full crockery counters, empty file containers, coffee machines in good working order and fully functioning printers thus become a thing of the past.

With Service on demand, you benefit twice: customers are satisfied and Facility Management avoids overfulfilment of its duties.

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Simple installation anywhere the customer wants.

The Service on demand buttons can be affixed to as many places and devices as needed, so problems or incidents can be reported and services requested quickly and easily.

And here’s here how easy it is: you install our “Service on demand” devices at service-intensive points such as paper recycling containers, crockery counters, coffee machines and snack machines. Instead of your employees having to check these points on a regular basis, users notify you when a service is required simply by pressing a button. Your employees can now service that area only when they really need to. Service on demand: Facility Management’s digital revolution.

You can find details on the service in the factsheet (PDF, 174.7 KB) and the presentation (PDF, 569.2 KB).

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Service on Demand - versatile to use

Our success stories with Service on demand

The Service on demand product is already successfully being used by various companies. Learn more about the personal experiences of our customers and the added value achieved.