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IntelliClean – The smart way to clean Data-driven innovation for results-oriented facility management

IntelliClean replaces standard cleaning rotas and guarantees needs-driven, dynamic building cleaning by using data to determine actual cleaning requirements. The dynamic route plan is displayed to cleaning staff on a tablet. Thanks to self-learning algorithms, the route plans are continually optimized.

How IntelliClean works

Sensor, occupancy and even weather data are used to determine actual cleaning requirements. The sensors employed by IntelliClean are ready to use immediately, without first having to be integrated into the IT environment, and communicate via the IoT network LPN.

From this combined data, a dynamic route plan is created and visualized on a map of the building, then displayed to cleaning staff on tablets via the IntelliClean application. Thanks to machine learning, the cleaning route is adjusted according to conditions in the building and is continuously optimized.

Transparent basis for decision-making

The IntelliClean web application delivers fact-based data visualizations and a transparent basis for decision-making for different stakeholders.

There are many advantages to using IntelliClean:

  • Stable or increasing customer satisfaction
  • Maintenance of high service quality
  • Continuous optimization of route plans and frequencies
  • Time savings of 15% on average, thanks to results-oriented cleaning
  • Informative data evaluation which provides a basis for decision-making
  • Efficient planning and further development

Service on demand – cleaning at the touch of a button

What’s more, IntelliClean can easily be combined with Service on demand. Learn more about our innovative “Service on demand” solution.

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